Is Your Software Factory Ready for the Next Paradigm?

The era of QE 3.0 is here

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In Prep of QE 3.0

The role of software and app leaders is shifting FAST and that means the role of quality engineering (QE) is evolving rapidly, too. The era of QE 2.0 is quickly becoming table stakes and that means QE 3.0 — the era of continuous everything — is right around the corner. Gain instant access to:

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A self-assessment tool to plot the QE era you're in today, from 0.0 to 3.0

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Strategies you can leverage around lifecycle velocity, emerging tech, and data to advance to the next era

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Goal-setting frameworks to plot the steps needed to advance to 3.0


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Ready to advance QE 3.0?

Best position your team to thrive in this new landscape by grabbing the guide below!

"QE 2.0 represents our most influential era to date. We're impacting things like go-to-market, product differentiation, and revenue in a more profound way. But we can’t get too comfortable in 2.0, because 3.0 is coming fast, and we have to be ready.”
-Walter McAdams, SQA Group Chief Engineer