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New KPIs for the Future of Work

83% of HR leaders agree people decisions should be based on data but, despite this, more than 66% of leaders do not use analytics to support decision-making.

As a leader of people who is motivated to drive forward your era of data-empowered leadership, our KPI library is here, providing you instant access to:

  • 10+ next-gen KPIs to measure employee experience
  • Strategies for building thriving workplaces of tomorrow
  • Benchmarks and goals to incorporate for reporting
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Examples From the Library



Flight Risk Predictor Score

Assesses most “at risk” roles and reveals, weighs, and aggregates variables that may contribute to high flight risk for a particular career pathways.

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Communication Flow Rate

Maps how communication flows to identify high potentials and high performers who may be on the periphery so that you can take steps to better loop them in.


Division of Labor Equity

Examines how non-promotable tasks (NPTs) — e.g. taking meeting notes, ordering food, organizing office parties, etc. — are DOLEd out across the organization. 

How We Do It

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